"Fj passed the Advanced Engineering Mathematics Final examination, He got 1.75 Final grade. He is now incoming 4th year Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering student. He's also got on Apprentice program on one of the most prestigious Open source Architecture company in the Philippines."

-Shella Camillo

Prayer Requests received thru emails, letters, phone calls, and hotline texts (SMS) are posted for a month on this site. For posting up, please click here or email: prayers@pwhs.ph

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To be prayed Before the Post Communion Prayer of Every Mass
From August 1, 2014 until January 14, 2015

God of mercy and compassion, we come to you in our need…

How Did This All Start?

Q: How did this all start? How did the association of Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls come about?

A: A dear friend of mine, by the name of Violy…

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