Philosophy, Vision and Mission


Being a lay Catholic association, we accept as truth ALL the dogmas of the Catholic Church including the dogmatic doctrine on purgatory comprising two articles of faith, which must be believed by every Catholic: first, that purgatory exists; and, second, that the suffering souls in purgatory may be assisted by the suffrages of the Catholic faithful, especially by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We believe that we, the Church Militant, have a sacred duty to pray for and offer sacrifices on behalf of the Church Suffering to hasten the release of the helpless souls from the excruciating pains of purgatory and enable them to sooner enjoy the beatific vision of God.

We believe that the doctrine of purgatory, which is centered on Christ’s work of salvation, is of infinite value for every Catholic. It is, therefore, of utmost importance for us to be constantly aware that temporal punishment due to sin is a spiritual debt that will keep us in purgatory until remitted either by our own sufferings or someone else’s prayers and good works on our behalf.

We believe that our earthly life is the time given to us by God for gaining merit. The prayers and sufferings we offer to God during our life will reduce our own debt of punishment for sin; help us advance in holiness through an increase in sanctifying grace, greater charity, and a closer union with God; and earn for us a higher degree of glory in Heaven for all eternity.


The Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls will be a global center of devotion for the holy souls in purgatory, sustained by Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people of prayer from every country of the world who will dedicate their lives to relentlessly offering up to God the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, their prayers, and their sacrifices for the relief and hastened release of the suffering souls.


1) To create and spread global awareness, knowledge, and understanding about the holy doctrine of purgatory to the Catholic faithful and increase our membership to reach every country in the world;
2) To inform the Catholic faithful about the plight of the suffering souls in purgatory and inflame their hearts with a tender mercy and abiding solicitude for the holy souls that will motivate them to relieve their sufferings through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, prayers, and sacrifices offered on their behalf;
3) To inspire the Catholic faithful to amend their lives in order to avoid purgatory;
4) To teach the Catholic faithful the various means they may employ to remit the temporal punishment due to sin — for themselves and for the holy souls in purgatory; and
5) To form and empower a new generation of leaders who will ensure the continuity of the apostolate