Please include my husband in your prayer. He's going to have a surgery in his blooder tommorow. I pray that the doctor could removed the tumor and have a succesrful surgery tomorrow in Jesus name. Amen. Cecil
Please pray for my brother who is now lost in life. Separated from his family because he was addicted to gambling. Lost all his money and sold everything that our family has put up for the past 30 years. We pray for him to find God amidst this darkness in his life. May he find a reason to continue living a decent life. And may he be able to 100% quit his vices. Lovelyn
I am in need of prayers since 2014, my parents where separated. My mum and small brother live in the rural village of Papua New Guinea while my Dad works and lives in Lae City of Papua New Guinea. He has taken in a new mistress and have long forgotten his responsibility to his Last born Son. Every fortnight his mistress demands money if he does not give it to her she threatens to summon up her dead Father's spirit to harm my DAD. Also the mistress pretends to die or go into comma to make him panic and find money to send to her but as soon as he sends her brothers the money she wakes up again from the death or comma. the funny thing is the comma just takes like two to three hours. and the death takes about 3 months. I seek prayer for exorcism of any evil spirit in the family (BIBIANG or BUKO) of the mistress that has bound my father in. Loretta Riyak
Pray that Matthew James Guthrie is healed of his addictions to drugs and to alcohol. Pray that a protective hedge is placed around Matthew protecting him emotionally, physically, and spiritually from those who would provide him with drugs and alcohol, or support his use of drugs or alcohol including the married woman he is in a codependent relationship with. Alienate him from those people and from her, divide him from those people and from her. Fill Matthew with the holy spirit and remove from all of the lies, denials, justifications, and bindings keeping him in that relationship with another mans wife while his own family receives no support or contact from him. Pray for him to be healed and for him to heed Gods call for him to return to his family to honor his parents, and their wisdom, to support his daughter, to support his family, and to fulfill his promises to his family and to God to be an honorable and god fearing man and to support his family. Pray also that Cassandra the married woman is healed and that she returns to her husband Thomas. Misty Sallows
In need if prayer, the OR A has ask to audit us, we feel nervous, I pray for God mercy and grace to fill us and be with us, I pray that it's and open and closed case with no problem, I ask God to give us a miracle just as He parted the red sea for His people of Israel, Lord Hear my cry. May everything come out great. No weapons formed against us shall prosper no tongue shall rise against us for greater is He who lives in me than he of the world . God take control . We ask in prayer believing and receiving our miracle! In JESUS MIGHTY NAME WE PRAY AMEN AMEN AMEN Debbie