Please pray for Joe, my grandnephew's only uncle, who was tragically killed on a motorcycle on March 15, 2017 at 3:18 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. He leaves behind a wife and young children among other family members. Thank you for your merciful work. - (from Lynne) Lynne Strahl
I pray that God, the Father, Messiah Yahweh, relieved all souls in purgatory from their suffering so they may immediately join Him in heaven through His Son, Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. - (from Lynne) Lynne Strahl
Please pray for me, I suffer from years with vertigo and depression. Please pray that God exposes me to his Divine Love and heals all my blocks. - (from Priya) Priya
“Please pray for my daughter Sofie and ex- boyfriend Chris. Please give them a second chance. My daughter really misses him so much. Enlighten Chris and make him realize how much they loved each other and their shared laughter’s they spent together. I beg for Chris to talk to her and tell her how sorry he is and that he's still in love with her and misses her a lot too and would like to get back together and will spend the rest of his life with her as he promised. Chris is Sofie's sunshine and happiness. Please bring back the happiness in Sofie. I feel I am not being heard, so I humbly ask you to help me pray for my petition by giving their love a second chance". “I also request for your prayers to enlighten Chris to be more sensitive of his feeling towards my daughter Sofie. If he is upset with her, go and talk to her. She knows she hasn't done wrong. But if he felt offended or hurt. Let her know. Chris is giving Sofie a hard time by being ignored. When he looks at her she feels there is some anger in him. Please he needs to be honest with how he feels not what others say. He needs to make his own decision not his friends. Sofie and Chris were so happy together, so I am sure the love they had for each other shouldn't just disappear. Open Chris mind to positive thoughts on why he loved Sofie. I know I am asking for a miracle. All I want is my daughter Sofie's happiness and Chris is her happiness. Please pray that my petition will be granted. Thank you.” Maryanne
Please pray for the soul of my brother Joel who passed away last March 3, 2017 and my sister-in-law Malou and to all my friends and relatives who have gone to the after life and all the souls in purgatory. Lord have mercy. In Jesus most Mighty with God the Father and the Holy Spirit Rommel