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1) God’s help for me in court on Thursday (1:30 PM) June 9th. I got tickets from policemen because of my car. After unexpected death of my husband I didn’t have papers for my car on my name.

2) Divine healing and God’s help for my friend Krystyna F. (elderly widow, Polish emigrant in USA). She is in constant pain because of her back problems. She is going to have operation on Thursday June 9th.

3) Divine healing and God’s help for Kasia- drug addict. She is pregnant with her third child. Two her chidren were adopted by her parents. Also pray for all family and fathers of these poor children.

4) Divine healing, God’s help with all problems and perfect fulfillment of God’s Will for me and my children- Sarah and Daniel

5) Divine healing and God’s help with all problems for my friend Helena B. (elderly widow, Polish emmigrant in USA). She has many health problems (mostly arthritis and stomach problems). She also has serious problems with her both daughters who for about 20 years contact witches and psychics.

6) Divine healing and God’s help for my friend Elzunia P. and her family.

7) for Divine healing and God’s help for my friend Halinka D. (thyroid problems, kidney stones and many other health problems) from Florida.



Please ask our prayer warriors to pray for my sister in law, Marie Schnell, she’s in the hospital in a coma on a ventilator and they’re going to try and take her off the ventilator Wednesday. Marie is 63 years old the mother of 6 children and 6 grandchildren who are having such a tough time God Heal Marie and give strength to my brother and his children. Thank you all God Bless ~ Kevin

Yours always in Christ’s name,
Mary L.


Please pray for an ongoing case arising from the rescue of girls from a street trafficking ring in Metro Manila last year. We are asking for you to pray that the court would adopt a child friendly approach during the testimony of the young victims and that the IJM lawyer would be able to access all the necessary court documents. Please also pray for smooth coordination with the public prosecutor and for the case to progress in a timely manner. 


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Please pray for 2 patients of hospital (NJ), where Barbara D. has been working: 1) Imani (18 years old). She is pregnant. This is her third child. She is in pain because she was shut with gun. Doctors want to make abortion. 2) Takeemtea (18 years old). She already had 2 abortions. Please pray for these women, their babies, fathers of these babies and all unborn children in the whole world. Thanks ahead. Peace! – Anna Zielska, OFS


Please pray for my Uncle -Bet


My sister is having a hard time coping up with her lessons, please let God guide her to study more -Ana


Please pray for Nepal and all of the country that’s suffering from natural calamity. -Elize Wursc