Pray for the IRS Audit; that we won't owe anything. Kristin Simmons
I am in desperate need of prayers! Since I have moved in to my house last November, I have been under attack. I'm disabled due to chronic pain it's only gotten worse since I moved. My dog is also under attack. One incident after another be-falling us both. I have sensed something in my home. My depression has worsened. I have not been able to attend Mass, I pray all the time and ask God to watch over us. From everything breaking down in the house, our health issues, financial troubles, and I have thoughts that aren't my own. I honestly believe that I am living with a curse placed on me and all those I love. I try to remain strong in my faith, and offer my suffering up to the Lord Jesus. I find myself feeling isolated from my family and friends. I know that I am under oppression from the evil one. I have never been involved with the occult, played with an ouij board, used witchcraft, and I have no objects in my house related to this. Every thing I've ever read about being under diabolical attack I fit 8 out of the ten signs. I honestly believe that I need a deliverance to remove what has attached itself to me and my house is in need of a cleansing prayer for removing all the negative energy. I have seen shadow figures, hear voices when it's only my dog and I in the house. He acts like something or someone is always touching or poking him. He'll stare at the wall as though he sees something. I have felt like I'm being watched. Unexplained noises, ect... I verbally say in a loud voice, Get thee behind me Satan! I have went through my home and placed above every door and window the sign of the Cross with the Holy Water my Parish Priest blessed before I moved in along with going to every room and sprinkling the Holy Water saying the Our Father prayer. I need a much HIGHER help! Would you please pray for me? Thank you and God bless you abundantly! Keeping the Faith, Sally Hahn Sally Hahn
Prayers for employment. Prayers for my daughter. Joyce
Eternal repose of the souls of Felibeth Manga and Felixberto Manga, Jr. Portia M. Ramirez
That I may have my faith restored to the full in Jesus and He may grant me the longing of my heart. Priya