Privileges and Responsibilities of PWHS Members


1. Participation in the daily mass said for the intentions of the members and donors;
2. Mass for the intentions of the member on his/her birthday month;
3. Participation in the countless graces and indulgences accorded to members who say prayers, offer masses and give donations with the intention of alleviating the plight of the Holy Souls;
4. Assurance of personal prayer warriors in Heaven, i.e. Holy Souls now in Heaven, whose length of stay in Purgatory were shortened due to prayers of prayer warriors;
5. Assurance of a shorter stay in Purgatory, depending on involvement and commitment as a prayer warrior of the Holy Souls.



1. Offer masses for the Holy Souls;
2. Go to mass at least one extra day of the week (aside from Sunday mass) especially for the souls who have no one to pray for them and for the ones who have stayed longest in Purgatory;
3. Pray for the Holy Souls everyday; the oftener the better;
4. Offer good works and acts of self-denial for the intentions of the Holy Souls;
5. Recruit more members to become prayer warriors;
6. Give away booklets like “Read Me or Rue It” to friends and others;
7. Donate what you can afford (no specific amount) when you can (no specific time) to the “Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls” to propagate its objective of creating and spreading awareness of the plight of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.