Received Prayer Request

I am in need of prayers since 2014, my parents where separated. My mum and small brother live in the rural village of Papua New Guinea while my Dad works and lives in Lae City of Papua New Guinea. He has taken in a new mistress and have long forgotten his responsibility to his Last born Son.

Every fortnight his mistress demands money if he does not give it to her she threatens to summon up her dead Father’s spirit to harm my DAD. Also the mistress pretends to die or go into comma to make him panic and find money to send to her but as soon as he sends her brothers the money she wakes up again from the death or comma. the funny thing is the comma just takes like two to three hours. and the death takes about 3 months.

I seek prayer for exorcism of any evil spirit in the family (BIBIANG or BUKO) of the mistress that has bound my father in.