Received Prayer Request

Please pray for a mighty miracle to happen soon. There have been some disputes and arguments between me and my brother Lalit, who has some of my hard earned cash and I have always have had cold shoulder attitude from him. Then last year, we decided to go for a long picnic and I planned it real grand and removed tickets of flight. All family of 10 were supposed to join.
Just previous night to departure, Lalit called and said he is unable to come as his holiday application has been rejected due to some problem at work. For me it was a blow, not because the ticket and hotel bookings amount was non-refundable, but I wanted all family members to be together. But instead of being sorry, he was least bothered about everything, so in fit of anger I swore and said “if I do not see you on airport tomorrow, I swear by your head I shall never see your face in my life”
After that he did not bother even to call me even once or say sorry or in anyway to reconcile through known person…and that is what hurts me the most.
I am struggling and suffering since 1 year. All I have received is just ignorance and careless attitude from Lalit, but I do not want to have this relation to end.
Please can you pray for this dispute and disturbed relation to be healed and God to intervene and Holy Spirit to work a great miracle and Jesus to be in our relation and make it truly loved filled with genuine care and concern for each other. May God unite us and never ever to separate again. At the same time making Lalit aware of the help and support that I have offered to him from the beginning. May his heart melt and he calls me soon to seek reconciliation.
Please will you storm heaven for my urgent cause and that great peace be granted to me, as I find it difficult face this anymore.
Thank you.