MARCH OF SAINTS 2015 Campaign

Dear All,

Last July 25, 2015 , we launched “THE SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE” book, which contains prayers and devotions for the Holy Souls, and activities for the months of October and November.

In this regard, we would like to encourage you to assist us in campaigning for these activities, starting with the MARCH OF SAINTS on October 31, in your respective parishes. The March of Saints is our initiative to evangelize family members and make them appreciate more the heroic lives of the saints and their victory over evil by the grace of God.

Kindly see the attached file, the March of Saints flyer, and share it to your family, friends, and respective parish priest.

The March of Saints video is made available on youtube, and here’s the link:

Let us ask for the blessing of the Almighty God, with the intercession of All the Saints, as we celebrate the March of Saints, and the Season of Remembrance activities, to give honor and glory for all the little and humble acts of faith, hope and love of these Holy Men and Women.


Yours in Christ,

An Apostolate of the Monfort Foundation, Inc.


Chita G. Monfort
Executive Director

March of Saints flyer