How Did This All Start?

Q: How did this all start? How did the association of Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls come about?

A: A dear friend of mine, by the name of Violy Santos, gave my first copy of Read me or Rue It last February, 1991.I didn’t get to read it right away as we were in the middle of a national campaign. My husband, Narcing who was an incumbent congressman from Iloilo, was running for senator, he didn’t make it in that May ’92 election amidst the proliferation of entertainment people gunning for the same position. It was God’s design, that He gave Narcing and I a short vacation from politics. Some time in June, 1992, and having more time on his hands now, Narcing came across the booklet that Violy gave me. He read it in one sitting, and insisted on my reading it, too. I was struck at the way this booklet had effect on him, as usually he just browses over the reading materials I would pass on to him. As I was reading the booklet, I realized why he was insistent on my reading it. Reading halfway thru the booklet, I was already convinced that we would have to do something.

It didn’t take long for us to print the first 1,000 copies of Read me or Rue it, the booklet that convinced us to form the association called, Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls. This took place on July, 1992.

Seven years later, we have:

  1. Printed and distributed 64,000 copies of Read me or Rue It;
  2. A Tagalog version called Basahin O Pagsisihan and we have printed and distributed 3,700 copies of it since 1996;
  3. Distributed 1,200 copies of Unpublished Manuscripts on Purgatory
  4. Hundred of members of the Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls in Metro Manila and in the provinces;
  5. Foreign based members of the Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls residing in Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia
  6. Launched a quarterly publication for the members, to start with this issue;
  7. Organized the Monfort (Share Your Blessings) Foundation, Inc. to ensure the continuity of this project;

Some of our plans for the future include:

  1. An Ilongo version of Read Me or Rue It for our Visayan friends;
  2. Printing of a booklet on How to Avoid Purgatory (Note: we recently received permission to do so)
  3. Printing of a 9-day Novena Mass cards for departed loved ones;
  4. Setting up of provincial chapters and overseas chapter;

An ambitious project is to have a national Congress for the first time, where we can further strengthen our association and push for its objectives.