For the repose of the soul of Savita Halappanavar and for the complete healing of Maureen Amirault, Mario Costanza, and Caroline Marie Gavin, and for all of their spiritual and temporal needs. – (from Chung)


For health and well-being of our families, for peace and harmony in the work place, and for the eternal repose of Esperanza Dee. – (from Villanueva)


For the salvation and forgiveness from God for Kari and I for adultery, gambling, and all other unholy acts. That we both receive the grace and guidance and understanding from our Heavenly Father in which Him, God – Christ Jesus we both truly do believe and immediately and fully and rightfully accept grace and forgiveness and for the Holy Spirit to be in our lives, a and that Kari and I be released from all of Satan’s lies, strongholds, and all and any of Satan’s influence in any way by the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who died for mine and Kari’s sins, was risen, and has given Kari and I the promise that we are Children of God, we ask for Heavenly blessing, guidance and strength now and forever. We come before God as sinners who accept Salvation and the Holy Spirit, in Kari and my sincere repent, we praise Christ Jesus as our true and only God, Amen. – (from Pekkiola)


For Eric Cuben Keira Alaina Leila, our family and friends that there is hope, respect, trust, truth, faith, faithfulness, honesty and loyalty, that we love with our hearts. I come to ask for help, help in protection and in safety in guidance that we are together, that we become one in this journey of your will. I am scared Lord. I love with all my heart and it is true. You help us in our finance too, Lord. I pray for Eric with all my heart for I love him and I pray you hear our hearts that I am thankful. Amen. – (from Marianni)


Pray for the souls of late Joselito David and Mauro Duallo. Please pray for my family currently attack by the evil one. May the truth come out and justice will prevail. – (from Mary)


Please pray that God will bring the love of my life to me and reconcile us, thank you for your prayers. – (from Tom)


Please pray for my mom who faithfully departed last year, June 28, 2017. Please pray for her soul. God bless us all. – (from Flores)


Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of my friend, Charles U. Sarausa. He passed away last Feb. 24, 2018 at the age of 50. He was also a member of Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls. Although he changed his religion, he was a baptized Catholic. – (from Jo)


Please pray for my neighbor Mr Bargielski who recently died. – (from Baird)


Bless my wife that she be pregnant and bless us with children. – (from Matthew)


By God’s Mercy may all sinners be converted, none of the dying be lost, and many souls be released daily from purgatory, and may they, along with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, all the Angels and Saints ceaselessly intercede for all of our needs and intentions, and may prayers be ceaselessly offered for all peoples, all intentions, and for everything. – (from Chung)


Please help me pray that my daughter be granted her pass for work. She has experienced so many rejections that lowered her self esteem. She badly needs this to be able to work and start again. – (from Erlinda)


Please pray for the eternal repose of my Aunt Avelina F. Premne who passed away recently. May she be welcomed in heaven and be at peace. Thank you. – (from R. Samonte)


Please pray for our souls to be given back to Christ their one true owner we are in need of your help to live in Christ forever. – (from Clark)


Please help me pray to find a new job which is meaningful and help children the most. – (from Margarita)


Dear Fellow Christians, please offer me your prayers for God to do His will in my life and help me to prosper in all facets of my life needing help. I ask your prayers for Love in my life, in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you. – (from Tom)


Please pray for my dear grandparents and for my deceased father and for the deceased members of my family tree. I ask Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and for His Painful Passion and for the intercession of Mary and all the Saints to admit them to Heaven. Jesus, Mary give to me and my mother the physical healing and pour out on us the Holy Spirit with his gifts, charisms and inspirations, there is always a guide and a counselor. – (from Antonella)


Please pray for my sister’s (Shery M.B) work permit extension application in Canada. Please pray that she be given an additional 7 months or 1 year extension to complete her 24-months contract. Please pray for the officer who will handle her application to have a generous and considerate heart. Amen. – (from Erick B.)


Please, pray for my mother Zelma Jacinto Maciel, deceased 10 years ago. So her soul can be released from the purgatory. – (from Maciek)


Dear Lord, I call to You today in desperation for I long for answered prayer in my life. I long for Your love, for Your kindness, for Your Blessings in my life. In Jesus name I ask this of You, Amen. Please pray for me. – (from Tom)


Good day po. Please pray for my Father, Leandro Aritao Ratonel. May he be welcomed in heaven and be happy and at peace with our Lord in heaven po. Thank you very much po. – (from R. Samonte)


May I request for the repose of the souls of my parents Nestor and Belen Agoncillo. We will be celebrating his third death anniversary on 29 June; my mother her first death anniversary on 18 September. Thank you very much for the prayers you shall be offering for my parents. God Bless you. – (from Agoncillo)


For the complete healing of Mario Costanza and Caroline Marie Gavin and for all of Caroline Marie Gavin’s spiritual and temporal needs, and that I, Alexander Chung, MIC receive the Holy Spirit to the full and overflowing now and forever, be graced with the gifts of wisdom, fortitude, perseverance and final perseverance, patience, humility, prayer, healing prayer, counsel, prayerful counsel, faith, hope, trust, simplicity, clarity, and charity, and be graced to always live in Jesus’ Truth, Will and Love, and be graced to always be Jesus’ little willing instrument and little faithful, suffering, obedient, and loving servant, and through Jesus, Mary and Joseph that Mother Mary keeps helping me to get up again after I fall, so I continue to follow her Son, Jesus. – (from Chung)


Please pray for the soul of Louisa Gueta Montenegro. – (from Carmela)


Please pray for the repose of the soul of my nephew Matthew, the conversion of his widow and that she bring their children up to be practicing Christians. – (from Sally B.)


Dear Lord Jesus, I call upon You for Your promises for my life, to prosper me and not harm me. Dear Jesus, please reconcile the relationship in my life and please bring salvation to Amy. Fill her world with those who can help her to see Your word and Your truth and fill her heart with compassion and love. Lord, I call upon You for Your help, in Jesus name I ask, Amen. – (from Tom)


Please pray for me and all my loved ones. – (from Sam)



Father of all, we pray to you for Isagani “Boyaks” Zanoria, and for all those whom we love but see no longer. Grant to them eternal rest. Let light perpetual shine upon them. May his soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. – (from Escabarte)


We began Small Groups in our parish that will pray scriptures and share our lives together. Please pray we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit and draw closer in our relationship with Jesus to the glory of our Father. – (from Ring)


Dear Friends of Christ, please pray that our Lord will remove all obstacles and allow Tom and Amy to reconcile with one another, we ask this in Jesus name, Amen. – (from Tom)


Novena for healing and Salvation Single Mass for pardon of my sin Thank you and God bless you. – (from Witt)


I need your prayer for my children. My daughter education blocked. I need your prayer to remove the block for her higher studies. She got all people curses jealous greedy she is staying in Oman, please pray. My son vineesh Patrick also has the same my children must not come up. So to him all say he won’t get a good marriage from his native place they are trying to block his marriage also I need your prayer for my son to get a Doctor girl from good family and my daughter Ann Mary to get admission for higher studies. Nothing is impossible by God I want to say I give all honour and glory to God. – (from Annie)


Please pray for the eternal repose of the souls of relatives & friends who joined our creator this April: Ken Bacli, Rustica Dimarucut, Leodegario Desiderio, Cris Arcanghel, Evangeline Daa, Ma. Asuncion R. Singson. – (from Dizon)


For Efrain Roman who is near death with cancer, for Chris who has been diagnosed with cancer, for Lila who has lung cancer stage for, for Martha who was diagnosed with cancer, and for Don, who passed away last night (for the repose of his soul and for his family). Also… for the deceased: my Uncle Carlton, my Grandad Clarence, my Great Aunt Sophie, Mrs. Marcel, Mr. Jack Searcy, Don Josephic, David Bolt, Swayze Page, Gustavo, and Christine. – (from Perenich)


Please pray for my intentions, my wife has borrowed some loan by moagading her jewels , we do not know how we are going to clear the loans, we request the holy souls to remember us when they are released from the purgatory , we pray for them daily in our prayers. one of my friends whom I trusted because he is alwalys in the church, helping the priests and leading the congregation in prayers , I gave him 2 lacks to start a business, he did not start nor repay the amount, more than 6 years we have not received any money , please pray so that he will return back our money we are badly in need of money. – (from Anthony)


Pls pray for The repose of The soul of Jose gosuico III Eduardo Laconico Lamberto Laconico Hermilo Gosuico Tina Gatbunton Natividad and Andres Gatbunton Norma and Vicente Laconico pascual And Angelina Gosuico Isabel Gosuico Lilia Gosuico Jose and doray gosuico Etang gosuico Aleja Reyes Ynes Garcia Reyes Miguela Reyes Gosuico. – (from G. Laconico)


Please pray for my brothers soul, he was 22 and died of a drowning. He died in 2008. His name Is Ryan Binno. – (from Candice)


That my dear mother Lucille and dear dad Dennis are freed from any pains of purgatory. They were the most wonderful parents and my heart is full of love and devotion for them. – (from Louann)


Please pray for the soul of MARIA MAGDALENA L. BISCOCHO 1st year Death Anniversary on April 12th (Thursday). That the Lord may bring her into the light of His presence and give her a share in His glory. Amen. – (from Mira)


Please.pray brother nelson balon. May find peace and happiness with god which he did not experience on earth. Thank you. – (from Lilet)


For healing of mental health. – (from Maria)


Please pray for the soul of Lawrence Paulo L. Bustamante. He passed away at a very young age of 23, last April 2 2018 due to suicide. I plead to the prayer warriors to include him on their daily prayers. Thank you. – (from Llanto)


For healing in my head and heart, my husband’s head and heart and for healing in our marriage. By the sacredness of the five piercings of Christ may our marriage be pierced with love and mercy and forgiveness and healing and joy. – (from Schroeder)


Please pray for the soul of my father Maria Joseph who passed away on Palm Sunday 2018. I really miss him, please pray for the repose of his soul. – (from Joseph)


Please pray for the eternal repose of my father Reynaldo’s soul who died last March 6, 2018. Also may you kindly pray for our family for healing and please pray for me also that may there be financial miracle / blessing in my life so I can pay all the debts that I have incurred because this problem has given me so much problem already it affects my relationship with my family especially with my husband. I also pray for my brother Bruce that may the Holy Spirit envelope him and find direction in his life, that may he realize all his responsibilities in life and be mature enough to face them and will realize that he needs to help our mother as well as nurture his kids. Please pray continuously for my marriage, our children that may they grow up to be kind-hearted and God fearing individuals as well as respectful and pray that may the Lord grant us good health at all times. – (from Mona)


Pray for Melissa who has withdrawn from friends and family because she suffers from panic attacks, anxiety and PTSD. She was shattered by violent sexual assaults when she was still a child. Pray that the light of God will lead her to find new love, new friends and fulfilling work with people who are kind and trustworthy so that she need not feel so isolated and alone. – (from Mary)


The thief broke in the house and stole some items be identified and captured. – (from Rose)


Please pray with me for the soul of a young mother who has died. Pray for her husband and family. Eternal rest grant unto her o Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. Thank you. – (from Lori)


Prayer for the souls of John Andrew Bathan, Daniel Joseph Mercado and Alegria Odejar. May they find peace in our Lord. – (from Jobelle)


Please always protect me and my family from harm. Let love always be in the family . Grant us financial blessings and help us pay all debts. Also, please always protect my sister’s family and those in the province. Guide us always Lord. also, please protect our homes and belongings/property from disaster, thieves and harm. Be with us always, Lord. – (from Rose)


Please pray with me for the soul of a young mother who has died. Pray for her husband and family. Eternal rest grant unto her o Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. Thank you. – (from Lori)


Please pray that I may be blessed with good health, wisdom, knowledge and energy to do my job as an exec. asst. of a top boss. That I may have a peaceful future with my son, and may be able to survive the life of a solo parent. – (from Jing)


PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, and deep pain in the left side of his hip. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU. – (from Sandra)


Please pray for the conversion and salvation of the souls of my family members, especially my father and my son. – (from Lisa)


I came to request prayers for my daughter that is enduring a life in fear and is trying to work and finish her school. She is a good soul, but so many things happened to her, so many tribulations and obstacles are thrown her way.I come to ask for God Mercy towards her on this journey. In Christ name I pray. – (from Liane)


Repose of the soul of Dr. Glowscki, strength and divine peace and joy for Liz and Lynn and siblings. Repose of Denise and Karen’s father and mother. Physical healing for Dr. Tina and infusion of Christ’s mercy and love. Desire to grow more holy and less worldly and to lead youth and other women in practical and gentle ways of courageous virtue. Strength for Thomas and and desire to mortification by eating anything with joy. Healing of Tom from critical spirit and help of guardian angel for him to see the best and beauty in people… Just to love them. – (from Lyn)


I ask for your urgent prayers that the Lord intercedes and touches Tony’s heart and mind. May we be reunited in unconditional love. May we begin to communicate and work things out and begin to build a life together. Thank you for praying with me and for me. Amen. – (from Tonia)


Please pray for Stephen Scott to go to heaven. He is from Ireland but has passed away in Lytham St Annes. He was an example to other people always helping others. – (from Linda)


For the healing of relationship in the family. For the conversion, safety, good health of my brother Vichejoron and my son Justin Rey. For physical and spiritualhealing of my sister Ma. Cheryl and her family. For Ace Learning Center that it can be freed from debts and hope that it can have benefactors for its scholars. – (from Vivian)


In need if prayer, the OR A has ask to audit us, we feel nervous, I pray for God mercy and grace to fill us and be with us, I pray that it’s and open and closed case with no problem, I ask God to give us a miracle just as He parted the red sea for His people of Israel, Lord Hear my cry. May everything come out great. No weapons formed against us shall prosper no tongue shall rise against us for greater is He who lives in me than he of the world . God take control . We ask in prayer believing and receiving our miracle! In JESUS MIGHTY NAME WE PRAY AMEN AMEN AMEN. (from Debbie)


Pray that Matthew James Guthrie is healed of his addictions to drugs and to alcohol. Pray that a protective hedge is placed around Matthew protecting him emotionally, physically, and spiritually from those who would provide him with drugs and alcohol, or support his use of drugs or alcohol including the married woman he is in a codependent relationship with. Alienate him from those people and from her, divide him from those people and from her. Fill Matthew with the holy spirit and remove from all of the lies, denials, justifications, and bindings keeping him in that relationship with another mans wife while his own family receives no support or contact from him. Pray for him to be healed and for him to heed Gods call for him to return to his family to honor his parents, and their wisdom, to support his daughter, to support his family, and to fulfill his promises to his family and to God to be an honorable and god fearing man and to support his family. Pray also that Cassandra the married woman is healed and that she returns to her husband Thomas. – (from Misty)


I am in need of prayers since 2014, my parents where separated. My mum and small brother live in the rural village of Papua New Guinea while my Dad works and lives in Lae City of Papua New Guinea. He has taken in a new mistress and have long forgotten his responsibility to his Last born Son.


Every fortnight his mistress demands money if he does not give it to her she threatens to summon up her dead Father’s spirit to harm my DAD. Also the mistress pretends to die or go into comma to make him panic and find money to send to her but as soon as he sends her brothers the money she wakes up again from the death or comma. the funny thing is the comma just takes like two to three hours. and the death takes about 3 months.


I seek prayer for exorcism of any evil spirit in the family (BIBIANG or BUKO) of the mistress that has bound my father in. – (from Loretta)



Please pray for my brother who is now lost in life. Separated from his family because he was addicted to gambling. Lost all his money and sold everything that our family has put up for the past 30 years. We pray for him to find God amidst this darkness in his life. May he find a reason to continue living a decent life. And may he be able to 100% quit his vices. – (from Lovelyn)


Beginning Jan 17th we begin for 8 Wednesdays a Life In The Spirit Seminar please pray we the team continue to hear the Holy Spirit and that those receiving the call to attend do so and however the Holy Spirit leads you. PTL and thank you Jesus. – (from Shirley)


Please pray for the following souls: Robert Lee Lucien, III, Adam Ryan Mercier, Sr., Henrietta M Mercier, Charles A Mercier, Sr., Charles Phillips, Jr, Charles Phillips, Sr, Jude Lewis, Ruby & Willy Tobias, Maxine Wood, Afifi Perkins, Thomas Phillips, Gail Phillips, Melvin Phillips, Victoria Phillips, and for the salvation of the following souls of the living: Brandy &Paul Swanson, Ethan Swanson, Madison Swanson, Victoria Lucien, Robert Lee Lucien, Sr., Robert Lee Lucien, Jr., Terri Scott, Knakhea Coleman, Erin & Marcus Ford, Maloy Ford, Peter Dunn, Bob Rozek, Dana Polk, Jonathan Kuai, Dorothy Darnell, Tina Davis, Michelle Karr, Lauren Heideman, LaVerne LaFrance & kids, Nicky Phillips & family, Tasha Phillips & family. – (from Brandy)


For the repose of the souls of Mariano P. Adalem and Teresita A. Adalem – (from Mel)


That all dying souls will call a priest for an Apostolic Blessing which includes a plenary indulgence. Even if no priest is available the very generous Church grants the same privileges as long as they have said a few prayers during their life. – (from Rob)


Pray for the IRS Audit; that we won’t owe anything. – (from Kristin)


I am in desperate need of prayers! Since I have moved in to my house last November, I have been under attack. I’m disabled due to chronic pain it’s only gotten worse since I moved. My dog is also under attack. One incident after another be-falling us both. I have sensed something in my home. My depression has worsened. I have not been able to attend Mass, I pray all the time and ask God to watch over us. From everything breaking down in the house, our health issues, financial troubles, and I have thoughts that aren’t my own. I honestly believe that I am living with a curse placed on me and all those I love. I try to remain strong in my faith, and offer my suffering up to the Lord Jesus. I find myself feeling isolated from my family and friends. I know that I am under oppression from the evil one. I have never been involved with the occult, played with an ouij board, used witchcraft, and I have no objects in my house related to this. Every thing I’ve ever read about being under diabolical attack I fit 8 out of the ten signs. I honestly believe that I need a deliverance to remove what has attached itself to me and my house is in need of a cleansing prayer for removing all the negative energy. I have seen shadow figures, hear voices when it’s only my dog and I in the house. He acts like something or someone is always touching or poking him. He’ll stare at the wall as though he sees something. I have felt like I’m being watched. Unexplained noises, ect… I verbally say in a loud voice, Get thee behind me Satan! I have went through my home and placed above every door and window the sign of the Cross with the Holy Water my Parish Priest blessed before I moved in along with going to every room and sprinkling the Holy Water saying the Our Father prayer. I need a much HIGHER help! Would you please pray for me? Thank you and God bless you abundantly! – (from Sally)


Prayers for employment. Prayers for my daughter. – (from Joyce)


Eternal repose of the souls of Felibeth Manga and Felixberto Manga, Jr. – (from Portia)


That I may have my faith restored to the full in Jesus and He may grant me the longing of my heart. – (from Priya)



My prayer request is that God will bless me financial that I will be able to stop stress over money matter and to bless some one else as I’am blessed. – (from Kenneth)



Pray for my father Edly Siriwansha. – (from Sithara)



Please pray that the spots on my face & wrist are not melanoma. I ask this in Jesus’ name…Amen. – (from Robert)


Please pray for my family peace and good health, and also safe and continuous employment for my husband who’s working in Libya. We thank you for your prayers. God bless. – (from Chona)


Please pray for my neck problem. Thanks. – (from Dino)


Please pray for my dad Anthony DiDonato…that his soul goes right to Heaven. Thank you. – (from Angel)


Please help me pray for my husband who is suffering right now, he left us with another woman, he is also into drugs for so many years now and also depressed with his financial status wherein he is in debt. I know he is a good man but he was directed to do all these things thinking that we will reject him since he really cannot provide for us. I ask the Lord for his conversion of heart and follow God’s will. Thank you. – (from Hazel)


For the souls of :
Letecia Millena Lorena
Domingo Lorena
Andres De Claro
Christopher Ansay
Brenda Roldan

Eternal rest grant upon them, Oh Lord. And let your perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace… Amen. – (from Cherry Ann)


I come from a religious environment but questioned most or entirely everything I’ve was ever taught. I have no religious affiliation. I still do, however, believe in a Creator, that we thus have a purpose in life, and that there is a life after death.

My prayer request is that I will receive nothing less than every and all good things (salvation/rewards/blessings) from our Creator of heaven and earth that our Creator, out of that which is our Maker’s benevolent will, has appointed me to receive (before I was even born) both in this life & the next.

Regarding the next life- the primary goal of this prayer- may I be granted and obtain the greatest measure/portion of salvation/reward/blessing in the next life if it’s a matter of degrees/levels. – (from Rory)



Please pray for Srikar, murdered in Italy last month. For his parents, brother, and granny who are grieving badly.

Also for my brother Paddy, who has deep rooted cancerous tumor in his bowel. For Miriam who has sever kidney illness.

And for peace in the world. – (from Cepta)



For financial blessings and miracles. For miracles blessings and healing in all areas of my life. To meet actress Barbara Eden. To meet a nice beautiful professional career business woman who is Asian or Hispanic for love friendship and marriage. For early retirement. To move to Lee’s Summit Missouri. To travel. For an interstate highway legal motor scooter. For a transformation. To be a better person and good person. For full blessings and miracles and healing. – (from William)


Please pray for Derek, he is in prison. Amen. – (from Derek)



Pray that my Home will be a place of peace, prayer, and contentment. Good homes for extra animals. Poor Souls in Purgatory, that I may always trust in Jesus and Mary. Amen. – (from Joseph)


Please pray with me for a co-worker’s son who will have a kidney removed June 1st. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray to Jesus for him. Amen and God bless you. – (from Lori)


Currently here in Sri Lanka, experiencing rain and little flood. Continuous rain and thunder with windstorm. Please pray for us and other affected families. May God bless you. – (from Marlin)


Please pray for my sister, Ann Marie, who is battling Leukemia for the 3rd time and may she be cured and/or mercy for her sins. Thank you and God bless! – (from Mary)


Prayers for Rob, emotional healing, peace and reconciliation in all relationships, safe and steady employment and new housing. With thanks for your prayer support and return of prayers for your intentions. – (from Rosemary)



I have been experiencing stress and tiredness with my job. I am praying and contemplating if it is the right thing to do, if God wills it, for me to avail of an early retirement. The stress, lack of sleep and long hours of travel time has affected my wellness. Please pray for me to make the right discernment. – (from Rowena)


I pray for health, holiness and happiness of my family and I. That my dad is healed and mom gets hearing aids fast. That I am helped with school. Also that my 2 relatives are free and safe. Lastly for grandparents’ health and recovery.

Thank you!


Please pray with me for a friend who passed away from cancer 6+ years ago. My husband dreams of him. I believe he is suffering and needs prayers. His name is Mark C. Mother of Mercy, pray to Jesus for him. Thank you. – (from Lori)


Lord have mercy. Please watch over my family Lord. Please take care of them Lord. Please guide them with your love and protection. Take care of them Lord. Please do not abandon them Lord. Please I beg of you. Lord please give them the strength and faith. Please help my family Lord. Thank you Lord for doing everything for us Lord. Lord please always take care of my family Lord. – (from Jermaine)


Please pray for the following seriously sick people.

Miriam, severe kidney disease. In danger of losing her life – one kidney already removed years ago.
Paddy, bowel cancer. Large tumor. Deeply embedded. Had radio therapy. Then surgery. If wound heals he will have chemo therapy.
Jim & Cepta, for healing of marriage.

Thank You Father, Son & Holy Spirit and Mary also. – (from Cepta)



Please pray for my father’s soul. Please get him out of purgatory. Pray for the soul of Joseph B. Reamer. – (from Joe)



Pray that my home will be greatly blessed, comforted and consoled by the Lord. Amen. – (from Joseph)



Dear God, please speed Ben, Sue, Mitch, all my relatives to Heaven. Please help me repent and make amends for my sins. Please show me how to do this. MARY my mother help me pray the rosary every day. Amen. – (from Stephanie)


Please pray for me and my husband that we continue to have a God-fearing and God-centered marriage; that we continue to be humble and appreciate all the blessings that we have. May we achieve/reach our goals in life and love individually and as a couple. Please guide us in everything that we do, say and think. Please help us realize our goals this year. These I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen. – (from Nancy)



Would you please join me in prayer for me and my 4 children Jessica, Dorian, Nyla and Marley. I have a evil spirit inside me and I will be soon seeing an exorcist. May the Lord have mercy on us, and protect us from all evil. We’re starting to have some paranormal action around the house such as voices, my holy water filler flew from the wall, and other several things. Please pray that we all make it safe through this hard time. Thanks a lot. God bless you. – (from Nathalie)



Miriam, has 1 kidney, that has cancer and she needs help from Heaven and from the Holy Souls. Amen. – (from Cepta)



Thank You for taking the time and effort to pray for my intentions. I ask for prayers as I am in need of a new job. A job with good people and a good salary also I ask for prayers in finding another house as my wife and I need to down size to a smaller house in a good neighborhood with a smaller mortgage. Thank You. – (from Greg)



Please pray for Gerardo Toledo- last stage illness. That God the Father in his great mercy may shower Gerardo Toledo with mercy, comfort and love. That Gerardo’s last moment’s may be filled with peace and joyous to spend eternity with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. – (from G.)



Pray that I may be released from the bondage of generational curse and so that the path The Lord have laid out for me be cleared and I may reach His purpose for me. – (from Fiona)



I am writing as I have great pain in my heart.
My now ex-fiancé who is a very GODLY man has been lured into the world of drugs with his brothers and son. I am standing in the gap for him with intercessory prayer. Because of this choice he has made, I have chosen to be removed from his life and am experiencing much pain on so many levels.
Please help me pray for his repentance and redemption and the destroying of strongholds.
His name is Samuel and I am Cynthia.
Thank you and God Bless!



Please pray that my wife Hollie will come back to me. I love her so much. I ask that God will banish the people and beings stopping her from returning home to me her husband and God will bring her safely back to me. Amen. – (from Daniel)



Please pray for my father Richard who is very unwell. Thanks. – (from Kevin)



Please pray for a complete cure for all cancers. Cancer took my Mother & Sister. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen. – (from Robert)



Please pray for a mighty miracle to happen soon. There have been some disputes and arguments between me and my brother Lalit, who has some of my hard earned cash and I have always have had cold shoulder attitude from him. Then last year, we decided to go for a long picnic and I planned it real grand and removed tickets of flight. All family of 10 were supposed to join.
Just previous night to departure, Lalit called and said he is unable to come as his holiday application has been rejected due to some problem at work. For me it was a blow, not because the ticket and hotel bookings amount was non-refundable, but I wanted all family members to be together. But instead of being sorry, he was least bothered about everything, so in fit of anger I swore and said “if I do not see you on airport tomorrow, I swear by your head I shall never see your face in my life”
After that he did not bother even to call me even once or say sorry or in anyway to reconcile through known person…and that is what hurts me the most.
I am struggling and suffering since 1 year. All I have received is just ignorance and careless attitude from Lalit, but I do not want to have this relation to end.
Please can you pray for this dispute and disturbed relation to be healed and God to intervene and Holy Spirit to work a great miracle and Jesus to be in our relation and make it truly loved filled with genuine care and concern for each other. May God unite us and never ever to separate again. At the same time making Lalit aware of the help and support that I have offered to him from the beginning. May his heart melt and he calls me soon to seek reconciliation.
Please will you storm heaven for my urgent cause and that great peace be granted to me, as I find it difficult face this anymore.
Thank you. – (from LB)


Please pray for me to have a better job, to help me pay my bills. Pray for peace on earth. Pray for my son and daughter that they find peace in their life and know the word of the Lord. Amen. – (from Stephanie)


I am from Sri Lanka. I believe my Lord can help me. I have no a good job. I want to have a good job. Please pray for me. – (from Lahiru)


Please pray for the following persons to rest in peace: 1. Albert Gonzalez 2. Aurelia Bumatay 3.Tomasa Evora. 4.Gregorio Aceveda . 5. Bernardo Bumatay 6. Margarita Bumatay. Thank you so much. – (from Fab)


Please pray for me, so that I am selected and hired for one of the jobs that I have applied for with the Federal Government of the U.S.A. – (from Guy)


The Lord Jesus leads to heaven my grandparents, my father and my loved ones who are suffering in Purgatory.
The Precious Blood of Jesus come upon us alive and all the holy souls in Purgatory to lead them to Heaven. I ask Jesus through the intercession of Mary, for her tears and her pain and for the same Passion of Christ to save the souls in purgatory from their pains.
Through the intercession of the souls in purgatory, God gives us the physical healing of our serious illnesses and the abundance of spiritual graces for my family. – (from Antonella)


I need help on a great career, to become mayor and have money to support the poor and to solve all my problems. – (from Alux)


I pray to Saint Jude that through the intercession of Mama Mary and St. Joseph, the Holy Trinity will bless my womb to carry a baby girl, a blessing from above. – (from Marilen)



Hello, please pray for Kirsty (17) from Adelaide South Australia. She was raped, she cuts herself to deal with it, she steals to release her anger and lives with abusive family members. Pray for her to know the love of God, thank you. – (from Diana)


I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me – for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick. – (from Hepzibah)



For the successful operation of Connie T, for relief of pain and healing of Opat H, Nina V, GG Cruz, K Lazaro, Sis L Maloles, N Labrador, N. Sotto. Thanks. – (from Carmen)



I have a job interview at New Rochelle School District on April 18, 2017 at 10am here in New York. I would like to ask for prayers since I feel that the job is really suited for me since I know the software they are using very well and the job description is almost exactly what I have been doing for the past 8 years in the school districts that I have been employed at. – (from Camilla)



Please pray for Dakota (child) who has had seizures and was rushed to hospital, thank you. – (from Diana)



For the complete healing of Mario Costanza and Caroline Marie Gavin, that the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary continues to grow in faithfulness, merit, number, and holiness, for the continual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of Gabriel Cillo, M.I.C., especially from spiritual oppression and affliction, and mental distress, and for the ongoing healing of his family tree, for all the living and deceased members of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and for all the Congregation’s benefactors, both living and deceased, for the conversion of all sinners, especially Vince and Cecile Chung, Oprah Gail Winfrey, Ken Fraser, George Soros, William Maher, Jr., Christina Haritos, Marc Chyrulia, Dave McConnell, Gilles Latour, John Latulippe, Paul Crooks, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Cecile Richards, and Dr. Henry Morgentaler, for all the living and deceased members of the Chung, and Bydlinski families, and for the repose of the souls of Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Rudolf Walter Richard Hess, Gabriel Bydlinski, Jason Mayhew, Godfrey Harris Fournier, George Peteski, Katelyn Nicole Davis, Sandy Gailey, Dorothy Tudjan, John Franklin Candy, Philip Edward and Brynn Hartman, John Adam Belushi, Christopher Crosby Farley, Christopher Eric Hitchens, Franz Bydlinski, Vincent Chung, Robert Lee, Francois Latour, Vincent Paniccia, Fr. Matt Thompson, Bernard Forystek, Joan Wedderburn, Brian Beehen, John Lawrence, Sister Anne-Marguerite Potchen, VHM, Tony Palmer, Fr. Robert J. Bedard CC, Conrad Sheck, Maria Bydlinska, Rudolf Höss, and Margaret Anne Mellor. – (from Br. Alexander)



Please pray for me. Now I am very difficult movement in my life. Please pray that God exposes me. – (from Vinthuja)


Please help me pray that I get the online job for which I already had an application interview early today. This job will mean so much to me because I have been unemployed for more than two years already. – (from Jayme)


Please help me pray to get my petition granted. To please give Nick D. the courage to admit to my daughter Sofie G. that he is in love with her and is finally ready to commit to a relationship with her. Thank you. – (from Maryanne)


Dear God,

First of all, I want to thank you for discharging me and my baby right away in the hospital as I really want to go on with my pregnancy although it’s really hard because I can’t work on my own and sustain a living for him. I was diagnosed with placenta previa but I trust in You that in time, everything will be okay and You will save my baby. He’s everything to me O Lord. I am also very thankful because my cervical opening decreased in diameter from 0.86 it became 0.68. I promise to try my best to follow the doctor’s instructions. You may not believe me but somehow, I am thankful You sent my baby’s father and made me learn a lot about life. I finally knew what unconditional love is. Even though things are going tough, he chose another girl over me, cheated on me, lied on me, and took advantage of me, I can say I still love him. I don’t know how long will it stay but all I know is I think I am still ready to accept him whenever he comes back to me and my baby. Lord, all I want is my baby to be healthy, Godly, intellectual, compassionate, and have passion with what he wants in life. I want him to be successful without stepping on others and never forget about You. Lord, if it is Your will for me to be with his father in the future, please direct me to the right path and show me he has changed for the betterment of his own and of course, our dearest baby. Enlighten their minds O Lord for they do not know what they are doing. If he’s not meant for me, please just let me focus on my baby and his welfare, have a stable job while being a single mom and give him a good life. I love both of them Lord, and I just want a complete happy family. If my wishes are possible to come true, then You have my faith. Please don’t get tired of me whenever I feel so lost. You’re all I have and I wouldn’t want You to leave my side in times of success and trouble. I wish good health for me and my family. Thank you for the abundant blessings you keep on giving me. I am truly sorry for all of my sins especially when I get angry with the girl, temptations come through my mind. Probably because I’ve been hurt so bad and it’s still hurting. Hope You could heal my heart someday and go on with life follow You. Again, thank You for everything and I love You my Lord. Grant this intercession in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. – (from Trish)


Please pray for my son John Denicar G. so that he may pass the CPA board exam and be able to get a good job. – (from Carmina)


For my sister Eileen H., who has go cancer, and for all my intentions also. Thank you so much for your prayers, – (from Patrick)


My grandson, Christopher Castle was born with a heart valve defect. He was operated 10 years ago when he was born. His heart specialist says he needs a new operation because the valve is malfunctioning. It is a very serious operation and he will be bed ridden for more than 2 months. Please pray for a miracle that Christopher may be completely healed. Thanks. God love you always. – (from Dorina)



1) God’s help for my daughter Sarah to have successful medical procedure because of her female problems. She is now having this treatment at hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. 2) conversion, holiness and Divine healing for my precious daughter Sarah Z. from very severe clinical depression, insomnia and many other health problems. 3) God’s help for Sarah with safe travelling. She went to hospital herself (I didn’t feel well this morning). Please pray for holy angels to surround her and help her to be able to come back safely home. Thanks ahead for every prayer and Christian support. Peace and Goodness! with the best regards – (from Anna Z., OFS)



Please pray for Joe, my grandnephew’s only uncle, who was tragically killed on a motorcycle on March 15, 2017 at 3:18 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. He leaves behind a wife and young children among other family members. Thank you for your merciful work. – (from Lynne)


I pray that God, the Father, Messiah Yahweh, relieved all souls in purgatory from their suffering so they may immediately join Him in heaven through His Son, Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. – (from Lynne)


Please pray for me, I suffer from years with vertigo and depression. Please pray that God exposes me to his Divine Love and heals all my blocks. – (from Priya)



Please pray for the soul of my brother Joel who passed away last March 3, 2017 and my sister-in-law Malou and to all my friends and relatives who have gone to the after life and all the souls in purgatory. Lord have mercy. In Jesus most Mighty with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. – (from Rommel)



“Please pray for my daughter Sofie and ex- boyfriend Chris. Please give them a second chance. My daughter really misses him so much. Enlighten Chris and make him realize how much they loved each other and their shared laughter’s they spent together. I beg for Chris to talk to her and tell her how sorry he is and that he’s still in love with her and misses her a lot too and would like to get back together and will spend the rest of his life with her as he promised. Chris is Sofie’s sunshine and happiness. Please bring back the happiness in Sofie. I feel I am not being heard, so I humbly ask you to help me pray for my petition by giving their love a second chance”.
“I also request for your prayers to enlighten Chris to be more sensitive of his feeling towards my daughter Sofie. If he is upset with her, go and talk to her. She knows she hasn’t done wrong. But if he felt offended or hurt. Let her know. Chris is giving Sofie a hard time by being ignored. When he looks at her she feels there is some anger in him. Please he needs to be honest with how he feels not what others say. He needs to make his own decision not his friends. Sofie and Chris were so happy together, so I am sure the love they had for each other shouldn’t just disappear. Open Chris mind to positive thoughts on why he loved Sofie. I know I am asking for a miracle. All I want is my daughter Sofie’s happiness and Chris is her happiness. Please pray that my petition will be granted. Thank you.” – (from Maryanne)



For my sister whose husband just asked for a divorce (out of the blue, she didn’t see it coming), also for Maryjane, John Paul and their 8 children and all the other people that I promised to pray for. – (from Janet)



For the conversion of those closest to my heart, including friends and family now and at the hour of their death, through the prayers of Our Lady of Life, their Guardian Angels, their faithful departed ancestors, St. Faustina, the poor Holy souls, and all of heaven. – (from Keith)



Please pray that God will find a good job for my daughter-in-law Amanda. – (from Rose)



For the soul of my Mother who has departed. – (from Alice)



Could you please pray for Stephen who died on February 21st. Thank you and God bless you. – (from Christine)



For the repose of the soul of faithful departed, Rey Luistro, who passed away today, 14 March 2017, and pray that the offering will lead Rey’s soul to heaven with God! Thank you. – (from Zeny)



Please pray for the soul of my friend Kushal, a young man brought up in the slums of India who has just committed suicide. Pray he finds eternal rest in Christ, Thanks. Pray too for me, that I cope very well after his death. – (from Olivia)



A nun on twitter asked me to pray for her grandmother, Verna, who has recently passed away. For 3 years, virtually every day I have been using the Church’s method for gaining a plenary indulgence for a soul in Purgatory: Google: How to save a soul from Purgatory [with God’s approval] – (from Rob H.)



For the repose of the soul of faithful departed, Rey Luistro, who passed away today, 14 March 2017, and pray that the offering will lead Rey’s soul to heaven with God! Thank you. – (from Zeny R.)



Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Nieves Tamban Ceremonia and of all souls in purgatory. For every person that has a need for salvation, healing, finances or other that their needs will be met in the name of Jesus. Amen

Please pray for their holy souls: Nieves Tamban Ceremonia Felipe Arabit Mario Gonzales Concepcion Napiza Patricio Mauricia Tamban Franciso Tamban Margarita Ceremonia Rufino Ceremonia Olympia Tamban Alona Tamisin Teresita Escaler Alberto Naranjo Baldobino Tamban Romeo Nocidal Francisita Esguerra Clodualdo V. Buno Pedro Banzali Francisco Almonte Carmen Santos Algen Santos – (from Susana Ceremonia)



Please pray for me: I am awaiting a call from a good job application. Thank you! God bless you! – (from Timea Bozic)



Please pray for following intentions: 1) God’s help for my daughter Sarah to forgive her brother Daniel and to remove legal charges against him. 2) Divine healing my precious daughter Sarah Z. from very severe clinical depression, insomnia and many other health problems. On top of that Sarah still suffers a lot because of unexpected death of her father. 3) Divine healing, God’s help with all problems and living according to God’s Will for me and my children- Sarah and Daniel. We still have many legal and money problems because of unexpected death of my husband on February 16th. On top of that my children had recently terrible fights. They have good hearts but they different personalites and different lifestyles. Thanks ahead for every prayer and Christian support. Peace and Goodness! with the best regards – (from Anna Z., OFS)



Physical healing – deliverance – good job. Please pray for these my intentions, help us so that Jesus will grant us these great graces. Only God can save us from all that oppresses us, from all our evils and serious diseases. May the Lord protect us and save us from evil people and always guide us in our choices.

The Lord Jesus leads to heaven my grandparents and my father loved ones who are suffering in Purgatory.
The Precious Blood of Jesus come upon us alive and all the holy souls in Purgatory to lead them to Heaven. I ask Jesus to the intercession of Mary, for her tears and her pain and for the same Passion of Christ to save the souls in purgatory from their pains.- (from Antonella)



Please pray for my sister in law REBECCA who has breast cancer. Pray for her healing please and for her to be touched by Jesus love and be born anew by His spirit. Thank you. – (from Diana Grave)



For purity of mind and heart and healing of marriage. – (from Steve Moore)