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PWHS continues to become a major driving force in promoting and encouraging the March of Saints to all Dioceses in the country and all over the world. Click here to get to know more about this wonderful activity directly identifiable with All Saints Day.

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Prayer requests from members all over the world are posted here to invite other members to include them in their prayers with full of trust and confidence. For posting up, please click here or email us at

1) God’s help for my daughter Sarah to have successful medical procedure because of her female problems. She is now having this treatment at hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. 2) conversion, holiness and Divine healing for my precious daughter Sarah Z. from very severe clinical depression, insomnia and many other health problems. 3) God’s help for […]

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Every month, PWHS offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the following intentions:
  1. To remember and pray for the eternal repose of the souls of victims…

We are inviting you to attend the PWHS Lenten Recollection 2017, with the theme “Deepening our Understanding of the Events of Each Day of the Holy Week”, to be…

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